Dust out and ..... there we go!

The Bora 2400 line of vacuum cleaners with a water filter.
Perfect for allergy sufferers and pet owners
and lovers of perfectly clean space!


We toast!

Crunchy waffles or warm sandwiches? Or maybe grilled vegetables or skewers?

See how our waffle makers, sandwich toasters and electric grills will help you create delicious snacks for every day!


Are you looking for a partner in the kitchen?

Check out our multi-functional cooking robot with wi-fi function. It replaces several kitchen appliances. Compact, easy to use.

See what can thermorobot    


Are you out of vacuum cleaner filters?
Have you lost your mixer paddle?

Now that's not a problem! You can order these and other accessories for our products without leaving your home!

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Are you making kitchen of your dreams?

We have beautiful and functional built-in household appliances for you!